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can get council to remember parks issues and requests. Mr. Brian James pointed out that Council doe <br />support parks knows that park updates is a priority for Schertz Residents. He explains that there is a Ii <br />of projects and additional funding that supports that statement. It was decided upon that a written <br />d;F'f ate iqr-r aA s flw 1' u r7dKi)—a az+-FT I z-e&lg Vt rdf4 &V-a <br />issues at the forefront • their mind. <br />Motion was made for written updates, from director - Lauren Shru m', to council about parks updates be <br />submitted before each council meeting. <br />Second: Sally Macias <br />Ayes: Carol Yauger, John Sullivan, Flo y Simmons <br />Nayes: one <br />Abstains: one <br />07117M -t - <br />IT! 11,11111 �i 1! 1 1 � I �1 <br />Oil MIF <br />1. Plans for Trail Projects <br />2. Update on G IS <br />Motion: <br />Carol Yauger <br />Second: <br />William Bosch <br />Ayes: <br />John Sullivan, Floy Simmons, Sally Macias <br />Nayes: <br />None <br />Abstains: <br />one <br />Approved: <br />7-0 <br />Mpffi , Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Recording Secretary, City of Schertz <br />