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,� It <br />u <br />Y CORP-ORATIOIN <br />AGENDA <br />February 28, 2019 <br />The Cibolo Valley Local Government Corporation will meet on Thursday, February 28, 2019 at 9:00 <br />AM in the Council Chambers of the City of Cibolo located at 200 South Main, Cibolo, Texas. All <br />agenda items listed below will be considered for discussion and /or action at said meeting. <br />1. Call to Order <br />2. Pledge of Allegiance <br />3. Public Comment <br />4. Approval of Minutes for the meeting held January 24, 2019 <br />5. Executive Director's Report — Amber Beard, Executive Director <br />a. SSLGC <br />b. Guadalupe County <br />c. Evergreen UWCD <br />d. Region L /GMA- 13 /RWA <br />e. Financial Reports <br />6. Cibolo Valley Local Government Corporation Investment Policy - Public Funds <br />Investment Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 2256 —Amber Beard, Executive <br />Director <br />➢ Resolution # CVLGC2019 -01 <br />7. Cibolo Valley Local Government Corporation's Brokers /Dealers list Amber Beard, <br />Executive Director <br />➢ Resolution # CVLGC2019 -02 <br />8. Approve Work Authorization #5 HRM Land Acquisition Solutions — Amber Beard, <br />Executive Director <br />9. Consider and Possible Action on a Resolution Supporting Certain Legislative Initiatives <br />Regarding Groundwater Production and Transportation — Amber Beard, Executive <br />Director <br />➢ Resolution # CVLGC2019 -03 <br />10. Water Level Measurements — Bill Klemt, Consultant <br />PILO&E ".a 1 f11 2 FA C C11 ° Q <br />