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Now <br />May 7, 2019 <br />Dear Prospective Candidate: <br />Thank you for your consideration to offer your services to the citizens of Schertz by becoming a candidate <br />for this year's municipal election. Your candidacy entails the obligation to comply with certain applicable <br />state statutes and local ordinances. In an effort to assist you, I have prepared a "Candidate's Packet" with <br />the necessary forms and pertinent instructions. I urge you to read this letter and the enclosed /attached <br />material prior to filling out the specific forms. <br />All candidates for office in the City of Schertz must meet all the qualifications to serve on the City Council as <br />listed in Section 4.02 of the Charter as follows: <br />1. Must, have attained the age of eighteen or older on the first day of the term of office applied for. <br />2. Be a registered voter of the City of Schertz. <br />3. Have been a resident of the City for at least twelve consecutive months immediately preceding the <br />deadline for filing for an application for a place on the ballot. <br />Please be aware that the terms of office for the Mayor's position and Councilmembers of Places 1 and 2 are <br />up for re- election. The term of office for these three positions is three years and is from November 2019 to <br />November 2022. <br />With regards to election forms, please be aware that Section 254.036 of the Election Code requires that all <br />forms regarding financial reporting be written in black ink or typed with black typewriter ribbon unless the <br />report is a computer printout. If the report is a computer printout, the printout must conform to the same <br />format and paper size as the form prescribed by the commission. <br />Forms and information for the 2019 City of Schertz City General Election for City Officials are <br />enclosed /attached, as well as on our website The first two forms listed below are the <br />documents you need to submit when you file for office. I cannot over emphasize the importance of <br />adherina to the financial reportina procedures. Camoaian resorts are considered oxen records and <br />will be viewed as such by reporters and opponents alike. <br />(1) One copy of an Application for a place on the City of Schertz General Election Ballot <br />(bilingual). The loyalty oath is included on this application and must be notarized. There are two <br />notaries in my office to assist you if you need this service. <br />(2) One copy of Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer By a Candidate (Form CTA), together with <br />Form CTA - Instruction Guide. The Form CTA should be filed in my office at the same time as <br />the above application. Please note the statement that must be signed regarding the nepotism law. <br />A summary of the nepotism law is in the CTA Instruction Guide. <br />One copy of Amendment: Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer by a Candidate (Form <br />ACTA) and Form ACTA — Instruction Guide. Use this form for changing information previously <br />reported on Form CTA and for renewing your choice to report under the modified schedule. The <br />information you enter on this form will replace the information from your previous Appointment of a <br />Campaign Treasurer by a Candidate form (CTA). <br />1400 Schertz Parkway IT Schertz, `texas 78154 210.61 .1000 ' r u ..,, 7m <br />