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LOCAL G0 <br />ej <br />N1MENT <br />TI ON <br />Agenda <br />June 27, 2019 <br />The Cibolo Valley Local Government Corporation will meet at 9:00am, Thursday, June 27, 2019 at the <br />City of Cibolo located at 200 South Main, Cibolo. Texas. All agenda items listed below will be considered <br />for discussion and/or action at said meeting. <br />1. Call to Order <br />2. Pledge of Allegiance <br />3. Public Comment <br />4. Approval of Minutes for the Meeting Held May 24, 2019 <br />5. Executive Director's Report — Amber Briggs Beard, Executive Director <br />a. SSLGC <br />b. Guadalupe County <br />c. Evergreen UWCD <br />d. Region L /GMA- 13 /RWA <br />e. Financials <br />6. Executive Session: Called under Chapter 551 Government Code, Section 551.071, to seek <br />the advice of its attorney on legal matters, Section 551.072, for deliberations regarding real <br />estate; to wit: discuss all groundwater leases executed by the corporation for groundwater <br />in Wilson County, Texas. <br />7. Review and Discuss CVLGC Business Plan — Amber Briggs Beard, Executive Director <br />Executive Session Recommended <br />8. Consider and Take Action as a Result of Agenda Item # 6 <br />9. Legislative Update — Amber Briggs Beard, Executive Director & Billy Phenix, Legislative <br />Consultant <br />10. Consideration and/or Action on Questions and Possible Items to be Placed on the Next <br />Agenda <br />11. Adjournment <br />The listing of an agenda item as a matter to be discussed in open session is not intended to limit or require discussion of that matter in open <br />session if it is otherwise appropriate to discuss the matter in executive session, such as consultation with its attorneys (Tex. Gov't Code, section <br />551.071), deliberations regarding real estate (Tex. Gov't Code, section 551.072), deliberations regarding a specific officer or employee (Section <br />551 .074), deliberations regarding security (Tex. Gov't Code, section 551.076), and information relating to risk or vulnerability assessment (Tex. <br />Gov't Code, section 418.183(f)). If, during the discussion of any agenda item, a matter is raised that is appropriate for discussion in executive <br />session the Board may, as permitted by law, adjourn into executive session to deliberate on the matter. The posting of an agenda item as a matter <br />to be discussed in executive session is not intended to limit or require discussion of that matter in executive session. The Board may discuss in <br />open session any matter for which notice has been given in this notice of open meeting, including an agenda item posted for executive session. In <br />no event, however, will the Board take action on any agenda item in executive session, whether it be posted for open or executive session <br />discussion. <br />108 W. Mountain St. Seguin, TX 78155 <br />Phone: (830) 401 -2409 <br />