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SCHERTZ PARKS AND RECREATION ADVISORY BOARD MEETING: March 25, 2019 <br />LOCATION: 1400 Schertz Parkway, Schertz TX — Bob Andrews Conference Room in City Hall <br />Board Members Present: Johnnie McDown — Chairman, John Sullivan — Vice Chairman, William Bosch, <br />Robert Sheridan, Sally Macias, Carol Yauger, Floy Simmons <br />Staff Present: Lauren Shrum — Director of Parks, Recreation and Community Services, Jared Montney — <br />Parks Maintenance Crew Leader, Cassie Michels— Events specialist <br />Others Present: Mr F. Branch Archer <br />Call to order: Meeting was called to order by Mr. Johnnie McDow, Chairman at 5:30pm. <br />Hearing of residents: There were no residents to be heard. <br />Regular Agenda: <br />da Item No. 1. Minutes: Consideration and /or action regarding the approval of the minutes from <br />January 28, 2019 meeting. <br />Motion was made to approve the minutes from the January 28- 2018 Schertz Parks and Recreation <br />Advisory Board regular meeting: <br />Motion: William Bosch <br />Second: Robert Sheridan <br />Ayes: John Sullivan, William Bosch, Robert Sheridan, Floy Simmons, Johnnie McDow, Carol Yauger, Sally <br />Macias <br />Nays: None <br />Abstains: None <br />Approved: 7 — 0 <br />Agenda Item No 2. Parks & Recreation Marketing Efforts. Ms. Lauren Shrum presented the Spring Fun <br />Guide showing all of the things that Parks is doing this spring. The guide also details our facilities, prices, <br />hours and information. Ms. Shrum also talked about how much Parks content was in the Schertz <br />Magazine. It was said that there was chatter of positive feedback for the parks content and guide. Ms. <br />Shrum also showed the State of the City video which highlighted some projects that Parks is currently <br />working on and will be presented at each Council on the Go meetings. Ms. Shrum presented another <br />Texas' City promotional video for their parks and explained how we will be working on one of our own <br />for the future. Mr. Johnnie McDow- Chairman inquired about ad space in the guide. Ms. Shrum <br />explained that there are no ads at this time but it is possible for future issues. <br />Agenda Item No. 3 Financial Reports: Mr _Johnnie McDow- Chairman, Briefed us on his BVYA finance <br />reports. His explanation detailing how some sports drive revenue and some break even. Mr. McDow <br />provided more detail on how some of the lower operating cost sports like basketball allow you to keep <br />registration costs at a fair and low cost and non - residential fee's go straight back to the city for lights <br />and maintenance. Ms Shrum briefed the board on SYSA and YMCA financial reports as well. <br />Agenda Item No. 4 Parks Protects updates: Ms. Shrum shared a slide show presentation that details <br />some parks updates. The slide show will be presented at the council budget retreat. Her slide show <br />