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AW3 -16 <br />Prescribed by Secretary of State <br />Section 145.001, Texas Election Code <br />03/07 <br />CERTIFICATE OF WITHDRAWAL <br />I, Y-N3 . a candidate for the office <br />tea., a { hereby withdraw my candidacy from <br />�►2r�Z � nec . � �ecj• election. The election is being conducted <br />Ll--v d� LC t7 and is to be held on Ano ;? &„A�eC 5��01 <br />(political subdivision/county /party) (date) <br />igina re of Candidate <br />"The State of / ex , <br />"County of c�.�i�4 o2 , <br />"This instrument was acknowledged before me on ,� x [ `S by <br />(date) <br />Lc, S/ OA," ° & , 1, Z CN <br />(withdrawing candidate) <br />�iG� <�ii� <br />_ "' U <br />••�i�CF TE�'Py •_ <br />F <br />�1/ 6� 202 <br />; `\����``. <br />Forma prescrita por la Secretaria de Estado <br />Fraccidn 145.001 del Codigo Electoral de Tejas <br />Yo, <br />(Signa of officer) <br />r <br />(Title of offer) <br />My commission expires: <br />CONSTANCIA DE RETIRO DE CANDIDATURA <br />candidato /a al cargo de <br />medio retiro mi candidatura de la eleccion <br />cargo de <br />y se celebrard el <br />(subdivision politica/condado/partido) <br />Firma deUde la Candidato /a <br />"El estado de <br />"Condado de <br />t tEt presente instrumento fue reconocido ante mi el <br />(persona que retira su candidatura) <br />(Seal) <br />(fecha) <br />of <br />the <br />by <br />por este <br />Dicha eleccion estard a <br />(fecha) <br />Firma deUde la Oficial <br />(Titulo deUde la Oficial) <br />(Mi cargo se vence el): <br />_ por <br />