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<br />07-8-12 <br /> <br />ORDINANCE NO. <br /> <br />AN ORDINANCE <br /> <br />BY ItlE '-.-11 r COUNCIL OF l.tlE CITY OF SCHERTZ, TEXAS <br />AMENDING ItlE UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT CODE (UDC) <br />ORDINANCE 96-S-28 BY REZONING O.475:t ACRES OUT OF THE <br />JAMES GRAY SURVEY NO. 225, ABSTRACT NO. 144, IN <br />GUADALUPE COUNTY, SCHERTZ, TEXAS FROM PRE- <br />DEVELOPMENT DISTRICT (PD) TO PUBLIC USE DISTRICT (PUB); <br />PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DA TE; AND PROVIDING A <br />REPEALING CLAUSE. <br /> <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY TtlE CITY COUNCIL OF TtlE CITY OF SCHERTZ, TEXAS: <br /> <br />THAT, UDC Ordinance No. 96-S-28 of the City of Schertz, Texas is hereby amended in the <br />following manner. <br /> <br />SECTION I <br /> <br />"Rezoning 0.475::!: acres being situated out of the James Gray Survey No. 255, Abstract No. 144, <br />Guadalupe County, Schertz Texas, more particularly described in the Field Notes and Map, as <br />attached hereto as Exhibit A, from Pre-Development District (PD) to Public Use District (PUB)." <br /> <br />SECTION II <br /> <br />THAT, The Zoning District Map described and referred to in Article III, of the UDC, Ordinance <br />96-S-28 shall be changed to reflect the above amendments. <br /> <br />SECTION III <br /> <br />THAT this Ordinance shall be effective from and after its final passage and any publication <br />required by the City of Schertz. <br /> <br />ZC2006-023 NEQWP <br /> <br />