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<br />ORDINANCE NO. <br /> <br />07-H-32 <br /> <br />AN ORDINANCE BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF SCHERTZ, TEXAS AMENDING THE CODE OF <br />ORDINANCES OF THE CITY BY AMENDING CHAPTER <br />34, HEALTH, FORMERLY CHAPTER 7 Yz, HEALTH. <br /> <br />WHEREAS, Chapter 34 of the Code of Ordinances was previously codified as <br />Chapter 7 Yz of such Code. <br /> <br />NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br />CITY OF SCHERTZ, TEXAS: <br /> <br />SECTION I <br /> <br />Chapter 34, formerly Chapter 7 Yz, Sections 34-1, 34-2, 34-23, 34-24, 34-28, 34-29, 34-48, <br />34-49,34-55, 34-60, 34-91, and 34-94 and Exhibit 1 thereto of the Code of Ordinances, City of <br />Schertz, Texas are hereby amended as follows: <br /> <br />"Sec. 34-1. Appointment of Health Official. <br /> <br />The Health Official shall be appointed by the City Manager. . All activities of the Health Official <br />shall be coordinated through the Director of Development Services." <br /> <br />"Sec. 34-2. Duties and Powers of the Health Official. <br /> <br />(a) Generally. The Health Official is hereby authorized and directed to enforce the provisions of <br />this Chapter and other related ordinances of the City. The Health Official shall have the authority <br />to render interpretations of this Chapter and to adopt policies and procedures in order to clarify <br />the application of its provisions. Such interpretations, policies and procedures shall be in <br />compliance with the intent and purpose of this Chapter and shall not have the effect of waiving <br />requirements specifically provided for in this Chapter. <br /> <br />(b) Health Official Qualifications. The Health Official shall either (1) be a Registered <br />Professional Sanitarian in Texas or a Sanitarian-in- Training as defmed in Title 25, Section <br />265.142 of the Texas Administration Code or (2) meet the Food and Drug Administration <br />Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards basic curriculum and field <br />training elements, as accepted by the Texas Department of Health. <br /> <br />(c) Assistant Inspector Appointment and Qualifications. The Director of Development <br />Services, with the approval of the City Manager, may appoint such additional officers, <br />inspectors, assistants, and other employees as shall be authorized from time to time. Such <br />employees shall hold a Code Enforcement License issued by the Texas Department of Health <br />and have such powers as are delegated by the Health Official. <br /> <br />20195191.5 <br /> <br />1 <br />